We warmly inform the guidelines for this year’s poster submission.

Conference Theme: “Promoting tobacco control through policy-relevant research”

  1. The poster must be mounted on a 1 m x 1,5 outdoor (banner) material. The poster does not necessarily have to fill the entire working area. 
  2. The poster should be oriented in portrait position
  3. A banner displaying your poster title, name and department/organization should be positioned at the top-center of the board (see Figure 1).
  4. Posters should include: Introduction, Methodology, Data Analysis, Results and Conclusions and all are written in english.
  5. Make it obvious to the viewer how to progressively view the poster. The poster generally should read from left to right and top to bottom. Number the individual panels or connect them with arrows as a standard “guidance system” (see Figure 1).
  6. Leave some open space in the design. An open layout is more attractive to the eye and mind.

poster layout

Figure 1: Conventional layouts for a poster.

Long panel at top-center is title/author banner. Individual panels can be connected by numbers and arrows. Also, note the use of space between panels to achieve visual appeal. (C. W. Connor, 1992, The Poster Session: A Guide for Preparation: U. S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 88-667.)

Lettering Guidelines:

  • Word-process all text (including captions). Print on plain white paper with a laser printer or inkjet printer.
  • Text should be readable from five feet away. Use a minimum font size of 18 points.
  • Lettering for the title should be large (at least 70-point font). Use all capital letters for the title.

Please submit your poster on April 10, 2015 at the latest to MTCC Office: Gedung Asri Medical Center (AMC) Lantai 2 Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto 17 Yogyakarta 55252