1 Heni Trisnowati Peer Education to Increase Junior High Schhool Teenagers Involvement in Preventing Smoking Behaviour in Bantul District MONITOR/WARN/ENFORCE
2 Ahmad Salehudin,S.TH.I.,MA Free From Smoking’s graps: an Experience of ex-Smokers PROTECT/ENFORCE
3 Yosi febrianti Lozenges Formulation from Extract Miracle fruit with Freeze dryer Methode: Improvement Herbal Dosage from Addiction Smoker Therapy OFFER HELP
4 Nurvita Risidiani,S.Kep.,Ns Effect of Larkspur Inhalation For decreasing nACHRs at Ventral Tegmen Area of Hipoccampus and Nocotine Withdrawl Syndrome In Intravenous Nicotine Induced Mices OFFER HELP
5 Munawir Saragih,S.Ked The Effect of Disease Picture printed-cigarette package to The Smoking Desire of High Scholl Student in Yogyakarta WARN
6 Harwoko,S.Farm.,Apt Social Networking Application Design as Proposal Concept For Supporting MPOWER movement Implementation With Online Submitting Method MPOWER
7 Christine Patramurti Analysis of ratio 3-Hydroxycotinine/Cotinine: Phenotyping Study of Cytochrome P450 2A6 on Indonesian Smoker MONITOR
8 Ingenida Hadning,S.Farm.,apt Analysis of smoking habits and influence Stroke Patients Spending Economy Families Against Smoking Patients Participants Jamkesmas PROTECT
9 Florentinus Dika Octa Riswanto Validation and Separation of Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines in Indonesian Commercial Cigarettes Using Reversed-phase HPLC PROTECT
10 Titih Huriah,M.Kep.,Sp.Kom The Determinant Factor of Smoking behaviour of The Students Of Faculty of Health and non Health UMY MONITOR