Muhammadiyah Tobacco Control Centre (MTCC) UMY in collaboration with Medicuss Foundation, proudly present “Training program for Tobacco Control Champions“.

This program will be conducted on December in Yogyakarta.


  1. The Victims of Tobacco keep on increasing and keep on moving to the younger age.
  2. We need more people to be able to speak up and making this movement more to the people base movement.
  3. Creating new leader that can lead more movement of Tobacco Control within Indonesia
  4. Providing all the knowledge and skill that they might needed to lead the movement.
  5. Creating new leader with a creative way of thinking, to enables them to fight with a different style of movements.
  6. Creating a network of cooperation a cross all the movements, so they will be able to works together as one big movement, but also can be uniquely give colors to the movement base on local issues.
  7. Creating the pressure toward local and national government, toward accession of Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and implementation on the national laws, and local laws, and creating a network of monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of implementation of the law.

What participants will learn during the training?

  1. What is FCTC?
  2. Why we need FCTC?
  3. Analyzed current Indonesia position on Tobacco Control, and current position on Tobacco Control Network and Tobacco Industry current issue.
  4. Public speaking capability.
  5. Delivering key messages.

Moreover, the traing will also provides:

  1. Analyzed, evaluating, arranging, coordinating movement, and engaging more people to engage to the movement.
  2. Planning progress and creating work plan for the movement, setting goal and achievement objective for the organization to engage the programs.
  3. Coordinating with others organization, without losing they own objective and enrich the movement with more arsenal that they might needed from other organization that they can and will engage.
  4. Mass media campaign and social media campaign, and makes our campaign engaging more peoples and attracting more peoples to get involve to the movement.


  1. University student
  2. Non smokers
  3. Willing to work voluntarry, willing to learn
  4. Special interest on tobacco related problem, not limited only on smoking
  5. Open for any education background
  6. One year commitment for the program
  7. Willing to mentor new champions
  8. 100 words expression on interest
  9. Send it to: and

Subject: TC Champion

What we are offering:

  1. Short course in tobacco control
  2. Open international scholarship opportunities
  3. Leadership capacity
  4. National and international networking
  5. Chance to spoke with VVIP person in the country

Save these important dates:

Latest application 15 November 2016.

Announcement: 26 November 2016

Program: December 2016